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Welcome to iris messaging server.

IRIS server provides messaging and collaboration services to all the members of the RVR&JC college of engineering.

IRIS Services

The following are the services provided by the IRIS server.

group office:
mail lists:
password change:password change
project management:Projects @ RVRJC

your are encouraged to bookmark the services for future use.

The IRIS server uses the security certificate signed by RVRJC College of Engineering. This may give errors on your browser. In order to avoid error messages, you are encouraged to install the certificate. You can still access all the services by selecting "continue with this website" option.

A more detailed technical introduction to the IRIS server is available in IRIS technical details.

The goals of the IRIS project are:

  1. Provide official e-mail service
  2. Provide mailing lists (egroups) facility
  3. Develop virtual infrastructure to undertake long gestation technical projects
  4. Implement help desk services.
  5. Conserve band width.

Other resources on IRIS server can be accessed through this IRIS wikimap

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